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Far too many students have poor reading skills. This is a huge problem because it leads to difficulty in learning - which leads to poor test scores - which leads to frustration and lack of interest - which leads to dropping out - which leads to a lifetime of limited choices. The key to changing this situation is to get kids reading.

At Learn Well Graphics we share a mission with the many teachers and parents dedicated to helping their students improve their reading and learning skills. We strive to make learning user-friendly for students so that they can achieve academic success.

We believe that everyone wants to read. But, not all students learn in the same manner. So, Learn Well Graphics’ programs offer a multi-sensory approach to help students Read Better and Learn Faster.

Our goal is to give teachers the tools they need to more effectively reach and teach their students. We do this by offering exciting and innovative products that students will understand and embrace.

Learn Well’s staff is composed of teachers, professional writers, artists, musicians, and computer experts. Our artists/writers have close to 100 years of combined comic book creating experience. Our strength is that we can take a topic and deliver it in a format that students will like.

Our Teacher Advisory Board also has extensive classroom experience. They know what gets results with students.

Together we produce the unique, multimedia, Learn Well Program (LWP).  LWP is a user-friendly system that helps students learn required academic material , or important life skills, and develop valuable Reading and Learning Skills at the same time.

Richard Keaton

Project Director




HOW TO ORDER - It's easy. Just send us an e-mail at  learnwell@roadrunner.com 
Tell us what you want. We will respond back within 24 hrs with pricing, including shipping, and delivery date. If this is acceptable to you just e-mail us a Purchase Order # and we'll send out your order.

Make learning user-friendly and watch your students excel.
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