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ESL - English As A Second Language

 How the Learn Well Program can help your ESL students learn English quickly and more easily.



Many students fall behind in class because the language they speak at home is not English. They need a program that can help them catch up quickly.

The Learn Well Program can do this because the interactive multi-sensory CD / DVDs present graphic stories using  the Read  Along  Feature.

    * The student hears the words as he/she reads them. The words are pronounced correctly and spoken in dynamic character context - the way Americans use the language.

    * The student sees the actions attached to the words.

    * The student reads at his /her own pace by clicking on the word balloons. If there is a word or phrase that they missed or don't understand, they can re-play the word balloon over and over until they get it. ( Even the best teachers do not have time to re-read passages over and over.)

    * Learn Well Programs present a story. There is a point. It is not just memorizing of words and phrases that have no context.

    * The combination of spoken words, sound effects, music, and colorful graphic illustrations gets and holds the reader's attention. Reading is not "boring" or difficult.
This is a very effective and powerful way to learn English quickly.

To see an exciting 90 second sample of how Learn Well Programs can help students in your ESL class learn English more easily click here:   


"What if we're  not studying this topic?"

The Learn Well programs benefit readers of all levels who want to improve their proficiency in English. Even if you're not covering the American Revolution or Constitution the reading skills and learning skills development are fantastic benefits on their own.  ( We also can create programs on any topic. See below)

Learn Well Is A Comprehensive Learning Program

The Learn Well CD /DVD programs can be used to teach individual students; small groups working together; or played on a screen before a whole classroom.

Once the student completes the interactive Lesson,  Learn Well offers a Learning Skills Package that contains a menu of entertaining exercises designed to build up valuable learning skills such as spelling, vocabulary, critical thinking, handwriting and much more.

These exercises come in  PDF documents that are easily printed out in full color or black and white. All answers to the exercises can be found by using the CD/DVD or booklets as research tools. ( Answer Pages are included)

A Matrix is supplied that lists the various skills so that teachers can easily create Individualized learning programs for the students.

There are exercises for students at all learning levels - from struggling to advanced- so all students can participate in learning.
ESL via Distance Learning

Learn Well programs are also great for Distance Learning and Homeschooling.

Because they are self-contained programs, a "qualified" teacher is not needed to be present. All you need is access to a computer.

Students can read and learn at their own pace.

Learn Well Graphics can create programs  for any topic. Contact us to discuss creating one for your class.

HOW TO ORDER It's easy. Just send us an e-mail at  learnwell@roadrunner.com

Tell us what you want. We will respond back within 24 hrs with pricing, including shipping, and delivery date. If this is acceptable to you just e-mail us a Purchase Order # and we'll send out your order.

       e-mail :     Learnwell@roadrunner.com

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