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Read What Teachers and Students are Saying About the Learn Well Program

"What makes this so exceptional and sets it apart from other comics or graphic novels, is not just the electronic rendering of the comic on CD, but the interactive nature of the CD version of the booklet. Children will respond to the movement of the panels and the voiceovers that can read all of the text, in theatrical ways. This is brilliant on the part of the creators and is essential in an inclusive classroom. Students with disabilities and those with lower reading abilities will be engaged and can read along while the narrator reads the text. Students who are gifted or those who are especially interested in history can also use the additional resources to learn more about the American Revolution. This approach makes better use of Gardner's Multiple Intelligences when compared to traditional lecture."

           - Chris Wilson, Editor - The Graphic  Classroom

To see the rest of this review, and  more reviews on new graphic products available, go to http://graphicclassroom.blogspot.com/index.html

"I am always looking for ways to enhance learning for my students and find ways to convey material or content in innovating or exciting ways. Overall the Learn Well Programs possess a new approach to learning and engaging students while teaching about American History. The content of both CD-ROMs is exceptional and when compared to two different textbooks it is completely aligned with the curriculum and with the textbooks. I used the NETS ( National Educational Technology Standards ) to evaluate the Program and it graded out as an "A" .  The design of the CD-ROM also addresses the differing learning styles of students. The innovativeness of the Learn Well Programs would engage even the most reluctant student in learning about American History."

           -Lisa Miskell, Teacher, Grand Island , N.Y.

"The Learn Well Program is just the tool a teacher needs to inspire the reluctant reader, or struggling ESL student. The colorful illustrations appeal to the visual learner, and the interactive CDs help make learning History a fun and exciting computer activity. The Learn Well Program is a great support tool for the differentiated classroom of today, and the self-contained Lessons make planning time a joy. They are an asset to any teacher, parent, or student interested in developing reading and learning skills."

           - Diane Woolverton, Teacher and Learning Consultant - Buffalo, N.Y.

"I taught Social Studies for over thirty years and I think the Learn Well Program is truly amazing. It makes teaching so much easier because it makes learning easier for the students. Everyone wins when you give students an effective way to learn."

            - John W. Kowalski, Teacher - Medina, N.Y.

"Much more exciting than textbooks. My 5th grade class definitely benefited from using LWP. It really made History leap off the pages for them. Many of my students come from ESL backgrounds and this program was perfect for them."

             - Daniel Tandarich, 5th Grade - Brooklyn, N.Y.

"As a Middle School teacher of students who have learning problems, it is challenging to find engaging lessons that capture students' interest while covering the required curriculum. Learn Well Products provides great review and supplemental activities that add to a rich, interactive delivery that is not watered down. Students respond well because they are offered meaningful choices and can contribute to their own learning process!"

            - Clare Dean, Teacher - Buffalo, N.Y.

"It made it easier to concentrate and more fun to pay attention. The pictures on the computer and in the comic books were cool because they weren't boring and the voices made it easier to pay attention. At the end of the chapters, you had review questions which really helped you remember what you learned, so you couldn't just forget about it all after you were done. It was like a game - you want to get the questions right."

           - Andrew Warne, student - Lockport, N.Y.


                "I teach at-risk students ages 12-15.  They really enjoyed the booklets. They happily discovered they could read and understand    the material. We used the booklet to replace the textbook."

            - Diana Rogers, Teacher - Cypress, Texas

           "I teach 13-15 year old students and the booklets are great...just what I needed for my kids...they loved them...they were much more interesting than the textbooks.

            -Anna Urich,  Teacher- Houston, Texas

          "I wanted to give you the appropriate positive feedback that you have a product that meets middle school students where they 
are. This is good work!"
- Max Fischer , Teacher - Wooster , Ohio
HOW TO ORDER - It's easy. Just send us an e-mail at  learnwell@roadrunner.com 
Tell us what you want. We will respond back within 24 hrs with pricing, including shipping, and delivery date. If this is acceptable to you just e-mail us a Purchase Order # and we'll send out your order.

Frequently Asked Questions
About The Learn Well Program (LWP)

Q: For what students is the Learn Well Program designed?

A: The History and Math/Finance Lessons currently offered by the LWP are generally taught in Middle School. We want to help these students develop their skills before they get to high school.

However, because many students already in high school do not have proficient skills for their grade level the LWP will be of great benefit to them too. Even if they are not currently studying the American Revolution ( for example), LWP will help them in catching up by developing their Reading Skills and other valuable Learning Skills at the same time. LWP will succeed where other Programs have failed because it takes a user-friendly approach to learning that students will respond to.

And because the LWP CDs have the Read Along Feature these Lessons are also great for helping English As A Second Language students learn to read and comprehend better.

Q: Is LWP just for struggling, “At Risk”, or Special Education students? If not, how does LWP help ALL students?

A: LWP can help ALL students. LWP Lessons are based upon required academic material that appears in standard textbooks. Therefore all students need to know the material presented. But further to your question though, the Learning Skills Package is designed to help to ALL students – from “At Risk” to the most advanced students. It includes at least 20 exercises which address several different learning levels. We want to make sure that every student – regardless of ability - will be challenged,  and encouraged to succeed and achieve certain goals. And then they can progress to the next level. We want to help you and your students establish a Pattern Of Success.

So some students may write short essays on “Why Not All The Colonists Were In Favor Of A Revolution”; or re-enact the debate over States’ Rights in a class play. Others may use their art skills and learn to follow written directions by drawing a step-by-step picture of George Washington, or labeling the 13 Original Colonies. LWP helps students at all learning levels build their skills.

Q: What is the academic purpose of having the student solve a maze, or draw George Washington, as some Learning Skills Package exercises require?

A. Many students have a poor record of academic success in the classroom. The LSP offers a wide variety of exercises so that students at all learning levels can participate in learning.

Solving a maze, or completing a drawing accomplishes several things. The student has to read,  and follow instructions too. But also, it gives the student with a poor record of accomplishment a chance to build up a pattern of success. This is very important. The student can then move on to progressively more difficult LSP exercises offered.

Q: How will LWP fit into my classroom?

A. LWP can be used in many ways. It can supplement your regular Classroom Plan by using it along with the textbook . Or you can build your Classroom Plan around the LWP Lesson. With the amount of material LWP supplies, you can build from 2-10 days of Classroom activities and homework around the Graphic Lesson and Learning Skills exercises.

You can project LWP on a screen for the whole class to view; or assign it to small groups viewing a computer; or give it to individual students for studying.

The Learning Skills Package also allows the Teacher to build “Individualized Learning Programs”“ for specific students, or the whole Class. This allows you to focus on developing specific areas of need.
Q: Why use graphics?

A : First of all LWP is much more than just graphics. It is a multimedia presentation of exciting voices, dynamic sound effects, captivating music, brilliant colors, and interactive exercises all designed to appeal to the student on several levels. Many studies have shown that the more senses involved in learning, the more effective it is for the student. LWP uses “Visual” – students learn by watching (especially young males); “Auditory” – students learn by hearing; and “Interactive” – students learn by participating.

Q: I want my students to use their own imagination when reading. Won’t these Graphic Lessons inhibit that?

A. We hear you. We’re all for a student developing his/her imagination. But, the reality is that many kids just don’t have the foundation of that ability fully developed yet. They have difficulty linking the words in a sentence to a visual concept.

They don’t know what a Revolutionary War soldier looks like. They can’t picture the deck of an 18th Century British ship in their minds. They have limited points of reference to draw upon. The LWP Graphic Lessons, with their great attention to Historical accuracy and detail, fill in those gaps and give the reader a baseline from which to build on for when he/she reads future material.

Let me give you a quick example .

Q: If I use graphic-stories to help teach my students to read, won’t they become dependant on “easy to read” graphics-material?

A: Graphics will enhance their ability to read other books. Graphics help the Reader to connect written words to concepts. Let’s face it, despite the best efforts of teachers and parents, many students still don’t have the ability to properly read a standard textbook. We can’t abandon them. LWP gives teachers and parents an effective tool to help their students build up basic Reading Skills and Learning Skills . LWP appeals to the student’s natural desire to learn, and gives them a way to succeed. By using LWP to develop and practice their skills, eventually your students WILL have the ability to read “real” books.

Q: Why does the student have to click on every balloon, and click to advance the story? Why not just make it “auto-run”?

A: We purposely designed it this way so that the student will HAVE to stay involved. Getting the student to actively participate in the learning process is crucial for development.

 Q: Aren’t your LWP Booklets just substituting comic books for textbooks?

A: Not at all. The LWP Booklets are an integral part of a serious and powerful teaching tool. LWP is a comprehensive multi-media Learning Program that helps develop Reading and Learning Skills. The Booklets offer the same material as the CD-ROM. They provide a very useful tool for  reviewing the Lesson; reference in doing the LSP exercises; and to provide a convenient way for the student to practice reading.

Q: The Learning Skills Package gives permission to print and make as many copies as we want. But they’re in color. Isn’t this expensive to print?

A: Yes printing pages in color can be expensive if you’re making a lot of copies. But, most computers allow you to print out the exercises in black and white (grayscale) if you like. Or, you can print out one color copy and make black and white copies in volume on a copy machine.

- It's easy. Just send us an e-mail at  learnwell@roadrunner.com
Tell us what you want. We will respond back within 24 hrs with pricing, including shipping, and delivery date. If this is acceptable to you just e-mail us a Purchase Order # and we'll send out your order.

If you have any other questions please e-mail us at    Learnwell@roadrunner.com

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